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Establishment of Transmission System

Our core business is the transmission of electric power. As on 30th April 2017, we own and operate more than 1,39,708 Ckt. kms network of transmission lines, 2,92,543 MVA transformation capacity and 220 nos. substations that constitutes most of India’s interstate and inter-regional electric power transmission system and carries electric power across India. Total Inter-regional power transfer capacity is 75,050 MW.

As on Jan 1st, 2015, we have 87 transmission projects in various stages of implementation which include 18 nos. Generation linked Projects with cost of approx. Rs. 37,121 Crores, 49 nos. system strengthening Projects with cost of approx. Rs. 36,607 Crores & 21 nos. Projects for IPPs/ LTOA with cost of approx. Rs. 42,816 Crores. These projects involve approximately 48,671 circuit kilometers of transmission lines and 42 substations with a total power transformation capacity of approximately 79,500 MVA and 12,000 MW of HVDC.  The following link contains information about our ongoing projects: