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Sl.  Organ/Sys.  Details/ Test/ Examination Standards       Standards Criteria for Disqualification



Height, Weight, BMI  Measurement Minimum height requirement for drivers is 162 cms.
Age up to 35 yrs- BMI max-30 kg/m2
Age above 35 yrs- BMI max-32 kg/m2  

Medical Authority should use his clinical discretion for abnormal height, weight & BMI for further clinical evaluation for medical fitness.

Significant underweight/ overweight & height more than 200 cms needs further investigations before declaring FIT.

BMI above the maximum limit will be a disqualification.


  Chest Measurement

Minimum in full expiration 79 cm (relaxable by 5 cm) and minimum expansion 5 cm.

The range of expansion upto 4 cm i.e. deviation of 20% will be acceptable. Not applicable to female candidate


 Glands & others  Physical examination  Thyroid should be normal with no evidence of hypo or hyper thyroidism or
Generalized enlargement of lymph glands.
Scars, if any of the previous removal of tubercular glands should be normal and
there must not have been any active disease in last five years  
 Any lymphadenopathy to be thoroughly investigated to rule out chronic granulomatous disease like tuberculosis, sarcoidosis and blood dyscrasias.
Individuals with diabetes will be temporarily unfit for max. 21 days if their blood sugar level is not in normal limit. HbA1C should be at or less than 7.0. If after 21 days, it is still in abnormal range or HbA1C is above 7.0 then they will be Unfit.
Diabetics with any target organ involvement e.g. nephropathy, retinopathy, neuropathy etc. will be declared Unfit.  
 Blood  Sugar  Within normal limits  
 2  EAR   

Hearing standards will be tested in a quiet room.Doctor and candidate will stand at a distance of 20 ft. from each other. Both the ear will be examined separately. The ear not being tested will be marked by a masking apparatus or by rubbing a piece of paper against pinne by an attendant. The candidate will face at right angles the doctor with the ear under examination facing him. He will use the whispering voice.

Candidate should be free from any active disease of ear and should be able to reproduce the whisper. Candidate who fails to hear whispering voice separately in both ears at a distance of 2 feet in a quiet room.
 3  NOSE  General examination  Should be free from active disease of nose.      
 4  THROAT  State of tonsils   Throat, palate, gums, jaws, temporo-mandibular joint and dentitions within normal limits   Slight hypertrophy without evidence of repeated tonsillitis is not a cause of rejection. Enlarged tonsils cause temporary unfitness until treated with tonsillectomy.
 General Examination     Any morbid condition of eyes, eye-lids or contiguous structures of such a nature as would render him/ her unfit for service at the time of appointment or at a future date. Trachoma, unless complicated, shall not ordinarily be a cause for disqualification

Visual Acuity for Both Eyes

(with or without glasses / contact lenses/IOL/ Implantable Contact lenses)


 Distant Vision test & Near Vision test
Age in Yrs.   Distant Vision Near Vision  Any organic disease or a progressive refractive error which is likely to result in lowering of the visual acuity.
For technical skilled jobs where binocular vision is essential, squint is considered as disqualification.
For other services squint is not a disqualification if visual acuity is of prescribed standard.
 Better Eye  Worse Eye  Better Eye Worse Eye 
 Below 35  6/9
 Sn 0.6  Sn 0.6
 35 & ab.  6/12
 Sn 0.8  Sn 0.8
 Fundus Fundus examination Fundus and media should be healthy and within normal limits.  Any progressive pathological condition, Vitreous or Choriorentinitis, Any retinal disease in Diabetes, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis,
Corrected Myopia (including the cylinder) exceeding -6D and Hypermetropia +4D in each eye up to 35 years of age,
Corrected Myopia (including cylinder) exceeding -6D and Hypermetropia +6D in each eye beyond 35 years of age
 Colour Vision  Ishiara’s Isochromatic plates in good light  Normal Colour Vision.
Candidates should identify individual colours separately and pass pink perception test    
 Colour blindness is a disqualification for all technical positions/ jobs / other occupations where perception of colour is essential in view of nature of duties of the offered post or future posts likely to be occupied by the candidate excepting employment in HR, Finance, accounts, clerical, ministerial, canteen peons, attendants and any other category where defective colour vision is not likely to interfere with his work create risk for others.
 Night Vision  Dark room test  Normal night vision      
 One eyed person   Prognosis or the functioning of eye is good and it’s not likely to be endangered by the condition of the worse eye and the prescribed visual acuity standards are fulfilled.      For regular service one eyed person is unfit except for ministerial and allied jobs where binocular vision is not considered essential
   Eyes  Field of Vision  Field of vision by confrontation method/ Visual field screener/ perimeter.  Should have good binocular vision, fusion faculty and full field of vision in both the eyes.      Defects in visual field to be thoroughly evaluated by specialists before deciding on fitness.
 6  RESPIRA- TORY SYSTEM  Physical examination , Chest X-ray PA view   All parameters within normal limit.  Pulmonary tuberculosis, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease will be a disqualification.

 General examination  Resting ECG  Normal ECG
Other parameters of heart size, position, , rate, sounds , pulse within normal limits    
 Organic/ Valvular/ Congenital heart disease non corrected with definite clinical signs & symptoms will be a disqualification.
Any cardiac abnormality is to be further evaluated by relevant tests and opinion of cardiologist to be taken for medical fitness.
 Blood pressure    Acceptable limit is 140/90 mm/Hg without any target organ damage.      Candidates diagnosed as hypertensive will be further investigated.
 Urine  Routine/ microscopic  Within normal limits.  If any albumin, sugar or any other abnormality is detected, further tests shall be conducted before deciding on fitness.
Non-orthostalic albuminuria cases will be Unfit. Signs of incontinence of urine or enuresis, at the time of pre-employment examination will declare candidate unfit for employment.
 Scrotum/ Testicles  Physical examination  Normal  Candidates with undescended testicles on one or both sides shall be temporarily unfit for max. 21 days. Fitness can only be granted if the candidate reports back with orchidectomy with negative biopsy report for malignancy.
Candidate with hydrocele, piles, varicocele and hernia shall be declared temporarily unfit for a max. period of 21 days.
 Venereal Disease  No evidence of VD Candidates who have suffered or are suffering from venereal disease will not be declared fit unless detailed examination or urethral smear and serological test prove negative.
 Kidney Function   Normal limits.
Presence of kidney/ uteric stone can be considered after being surgically corrected.    
Any disease of genito urinary system to be further investigated with Ultra-sound/ IVP and renal function test.
Cases of Polycystic kidney to be rejected.
Chronic renal disease to be a disqualification.
 9  SKIN  Physical examination   Treated/ cured Hansen’s disease with no deformity is acceptable.
Vitiligo cases are acceptable    
 Candidates suffering from active leprosy or chronic and inveterate skin conditions will be declared unfit.
 10  NERVOUS SYSTEM Speech/ Gait Nystagmus Motor System Sensory system Reflex Mental condition  There should be no evidence of paralysis, palsy, epilepsy or any signs of mental retardation or neurological disorder.  Any Abnormality to be evaluated thoroughly before appointment.
Candidates suffering from Epilepsy will be unfit, however,
Epileptic candidates under regular treatment may be accepted for non-technical jobs only (excluding driver & security).
Candidates suffering from Paralysis / Stroke/ schizophrenia/ parkinsonism or any other major neurological disorder to be unfit.
 11  REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM (For females only) Clinical examination Normal physical state of development  Fibroid uterus, ovarian cyst should be removed before appointment, if symptomatic & clinically significant.
Cases of pregnancy of 24 weeks or more at the time of medical examination will be temporarily unfit until completion of six weeks after miscarriage or 3 months after confinement. At the end of the period fresh examination reqd.
Any lump in breast to be operated before making fit & malignancy to be excluded.
 12  MUSCULO-SKELETAL SYSTEM   Clinical examination  -  Progressive musculoskeletal disorder will be disqualification.
Non-progressive congenital abnormality should be evaluated by medical board.
  • If candidate is found unfit merely on grounds of high myopia, the matter should be examined by ophthalmologist to assess whether it is pathological or not. If it is not pathological, then he/she may be declared fit subject to other visual requirements
  • Any Malignancy : any carcinoma, multiple myeloma and blood dyscrasias will be disqualification
  • Cancer with life expectancy highly reduced will be a disqualification
  • Cirrhosis of liver is a disqualification
  • In case any critical disease is noticed then fitness will be decided by a 3 Member Govt. Medical Board / Specialist Medical Board duly constituted by Appointing authority or Regional Head.
  • In case of presence of any disease not mentioned in the standards, the same is to be evaluated keeping in mind the objective of medical examination and the definition of medical fitness as defined under POWERGRID Guidelines for Pre-employment Medical Examination.