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International Presence

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POWERGRID has a strong presence in Nineteen countries in Asia and Africa. POWERGRID has a working culture guided by the principle "Delivering global knowledge and expertise with an understanding of local cultures and needs".

By executing assignments funded by various multilateral agencies in various parts of the world, POWERGRID has become well versed with the working standards and policies of these agencies as well as the local laws culture. POWERGRID expert pool with specialized exposure as mentioned above is apt to take Consultancy and project execution assignment in any part of the World.

POWERGRID has consultancy and project execution experience in following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Congo, Ethiopia, Fiji, Nigeria, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic, Myanmar, Pakistan, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tanzania, UAE and Uzbekistan.

Major Clients

POWERGRID has provided consultancy to various Companies, State Utilities, Govt. Depart. and Funding Agencies. 

Some of our prestigious International clients:


Major International Assignments Undertaken

Afghanistan Turnkey Execution of 220kV D/C Kabul to Phul-e-Khumri Transmission Line and S/S at Kabul.
Consultancy Services for Engineering, Design and Environmental Assessment Services for Sheberghan-Mazhar-Naibabad Transmission Line.
Consultancy Services for Engineering Design and Environmental Assessment Services for Turkmenistan-Afghanistan (Sheberghan) Transmission Line.
Consultancy Services for Field Survey & Preparation of bid Documents for Turkmenistan-Afghanistan (Sheberghan) Transmission Line.
Consultancy Services for Reactive Power Control for the North Eastern Power Transmission System.
Consultancy Services for Preparation of Tender Documents for proposed 220/20 kV Aybak substation and bay extension work at Mazar-e-sharif.
Consultancy Services for OPGW works for 220kV transmission line from Kabul to Phul-e-Khumri.
Consultancy Services for Providing Engineering Services for Afghanistan Energy Assistance Program.
Turnkey Execution of 220/20kV substations in Doshi and Charikar in Afghanistan.
Capacity Building assignments for Engineers of DABS, Afghanistan.
Bangladesh Consultancy services for Feasibility Study of Construction of 400kV Aminbazar - Maowa - Mongla and Anwara - Meghnaghat TL & Substations.
Consultancy services for 1x 500MW HVDC back-to-back station at Bheramara and related Transmission lines.
Study for evacuation of Power from Bangladesh.
Capacity Building Program for Engineers of Power Grid Company of Bangladesh(PGCB).
Consultancy services for Feasibility Study of Enhancement & Strengthening of Power Network in Eastern Region of PGCB.
Consultancy Services for Second Block 1x500 MW Back to Back Station at existing Beheramara Station.
Kenya Consultancy Services for Feasibility Studies of Transmission Lines – Assignment IV: Kiambere-Maua-Isiolo; Isiolo-Maralal, Isiolo-Marsabit, Turkwel-Lodwar-Lokichogio & Loiyangalani-Marsabit.
Consultancy Services for Engineering and Project Management Services for Transmission Infrastructure funded by Exim Bank of India.
Consultancy Services for review of design and contracts for the 428km transmission line between Suswa and Loiyangalani Sub-Stations in Kenya.
Consultancy Services for Technical assistance to KETRACO in Negotiating and Finalizing Agreements with KPLC.
Capacity Building Program for Engineers of KETRACO, Kenya.
Ethiopia Management Contract Service Engagement for the Establishment & Management of new Ethiopian Electric Power Company.
Consultancy Services for Identification of Strategic High Voltage Transmission System in Ethiopia.
Nigeria Consultancy services for review and updating of telecommunication and sub-station automation system including capacity building in Nigeria.
Other African Countries Consultancy Services for 500 KV HVDC line (Inga to Kolwezi) in Congo.
Consultancy Services for 500 KV HVDC Inga to Kolwezi lines in Congo - Pollution Testing.
Capacity Building Program for Engineers of TANESCO under Energy Utility Partnership Program by  US Energy Association.
Bhutan Consultancy Services for Design & Construction of Punatsangchhu-I 400kV D/C Transmission Lines.
Consultancy Services for Design & Construction of Punatsangchhu-II 400kV D/C Transmission Lines.
Consultancy Services for Construction of NLDC at Thimpu in Bhutan.
Consultancy Services for Construction of 220kV S/S at Pasakha in Bhutan.
Turnkey execution of 132kV S/C Deothang-Rangia Transmission Line for Bhutan Power Corporation.
Consultancy Services for Laying of OPGW on existing Transmission Lines in Bhutan.
Consultancy Services for Preparation of FR, NIT Estimates, Technical Specifications and bid documents for NLDC in Bhutan.
Consultancy services for development of Grid & Distribution Code in Bhutan.
Turnkey construction of 33kV Transmission Line and associated substations in Bhutan.
Capacity Building Program for Engineers of Bhutan Power Corporation.
Middle East Consultancy Services for 400kV GIS Sub-stations & associated Transmission lines at Dubai.
Nepal Consultancy Services as Owner Engineer for Hetauda-Dhalkebar-Duhabi-400kV Transmission Line Project.
Consultancy Services for Short term strengthening of India-Nepal Interconnection.
Consultancy Services for 220kV D/C Transmission Line from Khimti-Dhalkebar.
Consultancy Services for Detailed Feasibility studies and ESIA of 400kV TA3-Dhalkebar-Sakari Transmission Line.
Consultancy Services for preparation of DPR for evacuation of power from West Seti Hydro Project in Nepal.
Consultancy Services for Preparation of DPR for Indo-Nepal Interconnection (Nepalese Portion).
Consultancy Services for carrying out system studies for Transmission system in Nepal for cross border trading.
Consultancy Services for Study of Dynamic Stability and Oscillations between India & Nepal grids w.r.t. proposed Interconnection in synchronous mode.
Consultancy Services for South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Power System Expansion Project - Project Preparation Support
Consultancy  Services for   execution  of Nepal  Portion  of  400  KV  D/C  Dhalkebar (Nepal)-Muzaffarpur   (India)   Transmission Line
Consulting Services for Engineering of the Construction of 220 kV Chilime - Trishuli Transmission System Project
Consulting Services for the Project Supervision Consultant for SASEC Power System Expansion Project
Consultancy Services for Implementation support for Tamakoshi (Khimti) – Kathmandu 220 kV/ 400 kV Transmission Line and Capacity Building for NEA Staff
Fiji Consultancy Services for Design and Preparation of Tender Specification for the Construction of the 132kv Transmission Line, 132kV Switching Station and 132kV/33kV Substation in Fiji.
Myanmar Supply of Goods and Related Services for 230kV Transmission System associated with Thahtay Chaung Hydro Power Project in Myanmar.
Central Asia Consultancy Services for 1000 MW HVDC Interconnection between The Kyrgyz Republic,  Tajikistan, , Afghanistan and Pakistan
Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study for 500kV Transmission Strengthening in Tajikistan Grid for CASA-1000 Project.
Other South Asian Countries Consultancy Services for Indo-Sri Lanka Interconnection using HVDC submarine cables.
Pre-feasibility studies for Interconnection between India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh.
Capacity Building program for Engineers of Ceylon Electricity Board & Power Grid Company of Bangladesh on HVDC bi-pole system under USAID funding.